Phoenix Marie Hardcore Anal Infidelity

Ritzy MILF, Phoenix Marie, is on a couple’s tour of a lavish home, but the horny blonde gets bored. Wanting to keep herself entertained, she decides to steal another woman’s husband away for a wild romp in one of the guest rooms. She leads him by the dick to his infidelity. Phoenix is so smoking hot in her curve-hugging red dress that he can’t resist her. She soon has his dick in her mouth and then switches to bounce her big tits in his face while riding his fat cock before finally letting him pound her exquisite asshole.


Phoenix has a new pornstar profile on Cherry Pimps

Obviously she is an icon, wherever she goes she has absolutely no need for any sort of introduction, once you see an image of her you automatically know her name, I sincerely don’t know anyone that couldn’t say that that was Phoenix Marie wise, and I mean anyone that has visited the website that I know of have not asked themselves, who is that porn star. I would say that maybe along with Carmella Bing, Lexi Belle and a very few others, she happens to be one of those adult models that is loved and is on the favorite list of at least 95% of men and women watch porn, I also say women because in those very few lesbian acts that she has started she was absolutely stunning, and to watch those lesbian acts live is like a gift from God! However were not here to talk in general about all favorite porn star, but I am happy to announce that I noticed that yesterday Phoenix has a brand-new profile on Cherry Pimps and I have placed a link of her profile as you can see in this paragraph up on top.


It was about time that they started adding personal profiles of all the models I’m glad to say that also another one of my favorite porn stars has her personal profile on there as well and that’s how I got to see some of Asa Akira Live Porn videos that I had missed, simply because on their profiles are all the recorded videos of their live performances.

I was told by one of the owners of the network that they are starting to create personal adult model profiles also on the sister website called, that is a website that I visit very often and I actually do catch up with a lot of the Pornstar Videos on their and many of them that I may miss I can go back to the archives and check them out, as they record all the live shows and keep them in stock for all members to watch in the case that they missed the show while he was actually going down.

Phoenix is even better when fucking on live webcam

The one and only Phoenix Marie, a woman that has been in the adult entertainment business for nearly 2 decades, and she looks better now than she ever has, I was a teenager I think maybe 19 when she came out with her first porn video that was on VHS, and I remember purchasing it from a magazine, 20 years ago there was a very few households with the Internet, I remember having AOL online Internet service with the dial-up, or you get disconnected every five minutes and it would take you 10 minutes to get back connected LOL. Since then things have drastically changed, don’t take me wrong the porn stars are still very Hot Pornstars with the only difference that now you can watch them from home and something unbelievable years ago you can actually watch them having sex while they are having sex that means you can watch them making a life porn video, that is something that was unthinkable when I was ordering my VHS porno from that magazine of my favorite porn star Phoenix Marie!

phoenix marie porn livephoenix marie live porn

You also have to keep in mind that even with the technology, all the science, or whatever you want to call it off today, there is still only one location where you can watch famous pornstars have or give Live sex shows and that one location is a network that hosts to websites, over them have this exclusive and no one else has it, they are the only ones that have the rights and the permission to broadcast these close to 1000 porn stars that have sex live on WebCam, these websites are called and and I have conveniently linked them both in this blog post for you to examine, to check out, and see what I am saying if accurate or not.

That’s what I always like doing is posting links to inner pages, two pages that can explain in depth what I am introducing to my readers but at the same time I do not take any compensation from any network, I don’t take payoffs all bribes or whatever you want to: and I certainly do not post links that have a referral code where I will make money from. These are honest reviews, I call them a bone thrown, that means I find something that’s tasty throw at you, it’s up to you if you pick it up or not, remember to always be somebody right behind you that will pick up in your place if you don’t. Anyway Phoenix Marie the dream woman of my life performs very often on this Live Porn Videos network and like I said along with another close to 1000 porn stars, that you can find listed on one of the two above linked websites.

Phoenix Marie is doing it live on cam!

I watched one of her life shows what was broadcasted a few days ago in live streaming and I have to say that I was expecting less from her, Phoenix Marie Pornstar is a lot better live than she is when she’s actually making a porn video, she is better over at live streaming that she would be if on a porn to like one of many that I visit called It should be the other way round, but that’s not the case she was absolutely incredible and the fact that she was live, was most probably the factor that made it even better, because it was an edited it was natural and it was happening right there and then in front of my bare eyes, I thought that the show by the way nearly 2 hours was in credible she’d talk cock for 120 minutes nonstop and it looked like after that the guy came that she wanted even more, I thought that she could go on for another two hours if she wanted to, and that she enjoyed every single moment of that live stream porn video.

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I wrote that a few minutes after that I watched Phoenix Marie performance and I have not changed opinion at all, she is by far one of the hottest porn stars that they are today, she was yesterday, as she’s been a porn star for at least 15 years, she started when she was just 19 years of age and I have been watching her getting fucked ever since, but yesterday was the first time that I actually did see her getting banged broadcasted live.

It’s not just Live porn it’s live porn with an actual porn star and therefore it’s not a box that you pay for and then you open it’s like a crystal vase you can see what is inside and you know exactly how it’s going to go, to the least, then to the most you’ll never know, however she was beyond expectations and I cannot wait to find her again on this website and network at the same time I cannot wait to see any of the other 450 porn stars that actually to have sex live on

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